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This website is open to all Combat Veterans of the Free World. Create a new account and start a group for your Unit or Company.   Write you own blog and publish your photos.  If you are a family member or a friend of a Vet deceased or disabled you may publish for them using your own e-mail address for an ID.  It is important that these Veterans Bio's and Memorials get publish before they are lost forever.    
  There is no required membership fee to use this system but donations and advertising are welcome to help support this site.  Get started today and create an account.  Your Bio and information can be viewable to all or made private.  The bottom line is, you can share information for Contacts, Benefits and History.   

Note access to old system Bio's and  are at www.CombatVets.net still.  These are being changed over to Custom Paid website memorials. To get your custom Memorial for your Vet contact us with INFO below. We do all the work from your copy and photos and add many creative touches. The bio will be published for duration. 

Thanks  Tom Twitty, CombatVets Publisher
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E-mail Editor@CombatVets.net with any questions.

This site is possible with the help of Associate Editors and Donations to pay for IT services.  Please donate if you can.   Thanks  CBV Editors

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Kodak Scanning Services

CombatVets Parent Company LovedOnes Inc. provides Kodak Scanning Services.
Go to
www.LovedOnes.com and click on Kodak Logo. We have Associate Publisher Opportunities for those that want to run their own business of Publishing Bio's, Memorials and Photo Scanning.  Contact  Linda at  LT@LovedOnes.com